Image of Beginning. Middle. End

Beginning. Middle. End


The B of the Bang's debut album 'Beginning. Middle. End.' released on Jelly Maid Music.

Catalogue no. JMMCD009
Release date: 08/06/2009

PLANET SOUND: Just too good to be neglected. Superb. (Top 50 albums) 9/10
ARTROCKER: Hard to pigeonhole, even harder to shake out of your mind - we like!
ROCK PULSE: This album is nothing short of a goddamn triumph. 10/10
THE FLY: Nicely unsettling and unsettlingly nice.
SUBBACULTCHA: Dramatic, ever twisting, toe-tappingly perverse - great stuff in other words.
STEREOKILL: Considerable class and an incredibly powerful voice. A rare pleasure. 4.5/5

1. *beginning*
2. Alaska
3. Alfred, Light The Fires
4. Lung
5. The Making Of The Making Of
6. Little Bean
7. *middle*
8. Dolores
9. Desire Lines
10. Seeds
11. (We Used To Draw) Treasure Maps
12. Last Day On Earth
13. *end*
14. A New Road